NJ Fishing Report: August 9-15

North Jersey:

Fisher Price IV  Atlantic Highlands, NJ :

Captain Derek Bielitz  “We saw some good to very good fluking this week with fish to 6 lbs coming into the boat. Saturday was our best trip of the season with the Paul Rubee charter boxing their limit by 11 am and continuing to release shorts and keepers till it was time to go. The charter wound up landing a total of 60 keepers to 6 lbs. We are available for fluke and tuna trips throughout the month of September, and are also taking charter reservations for the Fall bass and blackfish trips for the months of October, November, and December.” To inquire about charter availability or open boat call 732-861-3394 or email Captderek1@yahoo.com


fish stix banner

FISH STIX  Shark River Inlet, NJ:

Captain Kris Black of Fish Stix Charters said the fluke fishing continues to be very good as well as porgy. They have dates available coming up so cash in soon because time is running out to get in on the action. Call or text Captain Kris to get on. 732-312-6878





Time Out Charters Absecon, NJ

Captain Scott Newhall “Ocean fluke continues to be strong off Greater Atlantic City waters when the seas and wind cooperate.  There are holdovers still filtering through the backwaters and inlet as well.  Brown sharks and sand tigers are prowling the nearshore waters and snapper blues have shown up in the area.”  To book a charter or check availability with Captain Scott call 609-385-3729




Vet Craft Sportfishing  Cape May, NJ

Captain Harvey Yenkinson  “We continue to have real quality fluke come on board with lots of shorts to keep the action constant and fun. My technique of putting my anglers within inches or feet of the less fished structure continues to produce. Running an open boat 8/31 plus some dates available in September” To speak to Captain Harv about open boats or charters call Weekdays:610-793-4468 Cell: 610-742-3891





Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association Report:  8/11

There are decent numbers of fish in the inshore waters off Beach Haven, but these fish are spread out, especially the fluke. The captains who belong to the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are benefiting from that organization. The boats are fishing in different areas and sharing their results with each other. In this way, all of the captains and their anglers benefit from that information.


Captain Gary Dugan of the “Irish Jig” reports a noticeable increase in his fluke action. There are enough short fish to keep everyone busy pulling in fish, and every trip been providing at least one fluke for the cooler. His most recent trip resulted in seven nice keepers.


Captain Jimmy Zavacky and t he crew from the “Reel Determined” took Boy Scouts of American Troop #112 from Jacobstown out on the “Star Fish.” The larger boat was needed due to the 18 active anglers. With this many lines in the water there were many fish brought over the rail, and sea bass and fluke to take home.


Captain John Lewis reports that after a couple of disappointing trips last week, he is back on the fluke again. The fish had moved and he notes that with cooperation from some other captains of the BHCFA he has had some very good numbers of fish recently. The catch and release fishing is very good with a number of nice keepers providing fish dinners.


Captain Carl Sheppard reports he has been running the “Star Fish” on two 4-hour trips a day. He says they are catching a mixture of bluefish, sea bass, fluke and porgies. Some have been good sized, but for every keeper, they average four to five throwbacks. As August warms the waters, he expects to start running more full day offshore trips for pelagic species.

NJ Local catches monster 21lb Tog

Joe Zagorski of Manasquan Park, NJ has put a lot of time and hard work into targeting blackfish this season and I would say it has paid off with interest. While fishing this spring April 27th with Captain Jerry Postorino on the “Fish Monger II” out of Point Pleasant, NJ Joe caught what most fisherman would consider the fish of a lifetime heaving a 21lb Tautog over the rail. IMG_2991.JPGThat isn’t even the half of it, Zagorsky has been on fire this year with an incredible 12 fish in the double digits under his belt. Check out these numbers 4@10lbs, 4@11lbs, 3@12lbs, 1@13.75lbs, 1@16.75, and now 1@21lbs I don’t know about all of you but to me those numbers are staggering. When I asked Joe if he could tell us a little about how it all went down this is what he had to say.

“Fished our first spot with just a little life. Captain Jerry made an adjustment still just a little life and Jerry says lines up we are moving on. Along the way he tells us “well boys if it’s gonna be picky today lets pick at the slobs.” He warns mates John and Mike along with the rest of us to check all of our knots, top shots, hooks, and drags, “we are going to where the big boys live.” Drops two anchors and quickly an 8 and 9lb fish along with a few others are landed, wind shifts again so its lines up and we make an adjustment to get back on the piece. I get 2 nice fresh clams and Captain says lines in again. Usually I let it sit for 30 seconds or so before I search the bottom I want to settle in on, well 15 seconds in it happens. Two small bounces on the rod tip and fortunately for me I had been fishing soft bait since April 1st. I knew immediately it was a classic soft bait big fish bite and I swung for the fences, fish on. The fish doubled over my rod the tip almost hit the gunwale, I kept hard pressure to keep it up off the wreck.

Captain Jerry (Left) and Joe with the 21lb Monster

Finally I got it to stop, got two wraps on the reel and she took off left. By this time the rod tip is in the water and she is peeling off line. Got her to stop again, one more wrap on the reel then she screams to the right peeling drag again. I finally get her up and down and straighten her out, one last dig for the bottom peeling drag then she finally gave up with no fight left. Easy reel to the top where John is waiting with the net, he gets her in with one fell swoop and the fish is in the boat. The biggest tog I have ever seen in person I could not believe my eyes, I am thinking 18-19lbs but Captain Jerry and John both say over twenty. We measure and weigh her and she bounced between 21 and 21.5lbs on two separate scales 29.5″ long with a 24.5″ girth. I’m a very lucky guy….lucky to be able to fish a lot, lucky to get that bite, lucky to land it. I am also very fortunate to have had Captain Jerry teaching me how to tog fish the past two seasons. I owe it all to him, so how appropriate I catch my personal best monster tog on his boat the Fish Monger II


For those of you that know and for those who have not yet figured it out, being truly good at tog fishing being a “sharpie” is not as easy as you think you have to put in your time. I have seen Joe fish as well as Captain Jerry and these guys are trying different things you are not even seeing, the are whole different plane that guys like me don’t even understand. Jedi? quite possibly, but I know one thing when it comes time start fishing for Tog again I will be putting time in with Jerry and Joe on the Fish Monger II .

Joes Setup:

  • Mike Garone custom rod United Composite CE700l blank
  • Diawa Saltiga 15 JDM model 5:1 Retrieve
  • Diawa 55lb metered J Braid
  • Trik Fish 60lb mono top shot
  • Owner 4/0 octopus hook
  • Two hook slider rig tied with Seaguar Blue Label 50lb Fluoro