NJ Fishing Report: August 16-22

Fluke fishing is hot up and down the coast, even I am limiting out most trips so don’t wait there is only about a month left. A few of our reporting captains have some open space so give them a call!….seriously

North Jersey:

Fisher Price IV  Atlantic Highlands, NJ :

Captain Derek Bielitz “Fluking this week has been very good with limits or near limit catches coming up from the rough bottom. We have been seeing some nice fish to 8.5 lbs this week.  We will continue to fish for fluke till the season closes on September 25th as well as tuna when the weather allows us to get offshore. Also we are currently taking reservations for the fall striped bass season as well as fall blackfishing trips.” To inquire about charter availability or open boat call 732-861-3394 or email Captderek1@yahoo.com





fish stix banner

FISH STIX  Shark River Inlet, NJ:

Captain Kris Black of Fish Stix Charters has been battling a little rough weather the past couple days but otherwise fluke fishing has been red hot for them.  On saturday they limited out with fish coming in at 7,8,9,10,11, and 12lbs! This week Fish Stix has 3 spots open wednesday and 2 spots friday on full day fluke trips. Call or text Captain Kris to get on. 732-312-6878




Time Out Charters Absecon, NJ

Captain Scott Newhall  “Summer flounder dominate the entire coast.  When the bite is on, the fishing can range from good to occasionally obscene, in the event some bigger fish are around.  Ocean structure is the ticket.  Whether a wreck, rubble or rocks make sure to get away from bare bottom sand.  Mahi are around and close to shore.  Tiny fish to gaffers are within 15 miles of the hill.  Hammerhead sharks, and some big ones, were around . The a.c. reef last week”  To book a charter or check availability with Captain Scott call 609-385-3729




Vet Craft Sportfishing  Cape May, NJ

Captain Harvey Yenkinson  “Very good fishing this week with fish 25-26″ every day. Quite a few 23-21 as well. The big ones really accumulate on the structure in August and September. Nice seabass to 18″ as well.” To speak to Captain Harv about open boats or charters call Weekdays:610-793-4468 Cell: 610-742-3891




Badfish Charters Ocean City, NJ

Captain Brian Williams  “Great fishing continues this week. The backbay have seen an explosion in mullet populations with the striped bass on their tail at nearly every outfall creek.  The flounder for the most part have made their way to the inlets and nearshore reefs with a lots of life on almost every offshore snag with some very large fish near that  double digit weight. The tog are becoming very active at most backbay bottom haunts.   And the mixed bag of warm water species like Spanish macks, redfish, triggerfish and mahi mahi seem to be showing face around our area.  Tons of bait fish inshore nearshore and offshore with bunker and peanuts both out front now.  Water temps are holding around 80 in the bays and 76 along the oceanfront.” To book a trip call/email Captain Brian 856-371-4346 or Bwilliams@ocnjfishing


NJ Fishing Report: August 9-15

North Jersey:

Fisher Price IV  Atlantic Highlands, NJ :

Captain Derek Bielitz  “We saw some good to very good fluking this week with fish to 6 lbs coming into the boat. Saturday was our best trip of the season with the Paul Rubee charter boxing their limit by 11 am and continuing to release shorts and keepers till it was time to go. The charter wound up landing a total of 60 keepers to 6 lbs. We are available for fluke and tuna trips throughout the month of September, and are also taking charter reservations for the Fall bass and blackfish trips for the months of October, November, and December.” To inquire about charter availability or open boat call 732-861-3394 or email Captderek1@yahoo.com


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FISH STIX  Shark River Inlet, NJ:

Captain Kris Black of Fish Stix Charters said the fluke fishing continues to be very good as well as porgy. They have dates available coming up so cash in soon because time is running out to get in on the action. Call or text Captain Kris to get on. 732-312-6878





Time Out Charters Absecon, NJ

Captain Scott Newhall “Ocean fluke continues to be strong off Greater Atlantic City waters when the seas and wind cooperate.  There are holdovers still filtering through the backwaters and inlet as well.  Brown sharks and sand tigers are prowling the nearshore waters and snapper blues have shown up in the area.”  To book a charter or check availability with Captain Scott call 609-385-3729




Vet Craft Sportfishing  Cape May, NJ

Captain Harvey Yenkinson  “We continue to have real quality fluke come on board with lots of shorts to keep the action constant and fun. My technique of putting my anglers within inches or feet of the less fished structure continues to produce. Running an open boat 8/31 plus some dates available in September” To speak to Captain Harv about open boats or charters call Weekdays:610-793-4468 Cell: 610-742-3891





Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association Report:  8/11

There are decent numbers of fish in the inshore waters off Beach Haven, but these fish are spread out, especially the fluke. The captains who belong to the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are benefiting from that organization. The boats are fishing in different areas and sharing their results with each other. In this way, all of the captains and their anglers benefit from that information.


Captain Gary Dugan of the “Irish Jig” reports a noticeable increase in his fluke action. There are enough short fish to keep everyone busy pulling in fish, and every trip been providing at least one fluke for the cooler. His most recent trip resulted in seven nice keepers.


Captain Jimmy Zavacky and t he crew from the “Reel Determined” took Boy Scouts of American Troop #112 from Jacobstown out on the “Star Fish.” The larger boat was needed due to the 18 active anglers. With this many lines in the water there were many fish brought over the rail, and sea bass and fluke to take home.


Captain John Lewis reports that after a couple of disappointing trips last week, he is back on the fluke again. The fish had moved and he notes that with cooperation from some other captains of the BHCFA he has had some very good numbers of fish recently. The catch and release fishing is very good with a number of nice keepers providing fish dinners.


Captain Carl Sheppard reports he has been running the “Star Fish” on two 4-hour trips a day. He says they are catching a mixture of bluefish, sea bass, fluke and porgies. Some have been good sized, but for every keeper, they average four to five throwbacks. As August warms the waters, he expects to start running more full day offshore trips for pelagic species.

NJ Fishing Report: May 30 – June 6

Striped bass fishing continues to be hot in North Jersey but reports of fluke have been spotty at best. Some fisherman have been able to put together a nice catch but for the most part it has been very hit or miss. Seabass fishing has been excellent if you are able to push out to deeper water where the bigger fish are and hopefully will remain that way until it closes on June 19th. Bluefish are still around but are not as thick as past weeks. I myself fished the Sandy Hook reef area on Saturday and we picked through a lot of small Seabass to get 8 keepers. I ran back inside the hook and drifted for fluke in a few locations with only one keeper at 18″ to show for it. Hopefully fluke fishing will pick up soon.

 North Jersey:

Fisher Price IV  Atlantic Highlands, NJ :

Captain Derek Bielitz “Fishing has been very good this week with some very big fish being caught with the biggest fish tipping the scale at 47 lbs. We have been live-lining, chunking, and trolling spoons when the fish are scattered. We have been averaging pretty much 10-20 bass per trip with only 1 or 2 slower trips.   We still have a few available openings in June so if anyone is interested in getting in on the striped bass fishing, give us a call at 732-861-3394 or email Captderek1@yahoo.com.”


fish stix banner

FISH STIX  Laurence Harbor, NJ / Shark River Inlet, NJ:

Hot off the presses! Captain Kris Black told me fishing is “Very Good!” Sounds good to me….Call or text Captain Kris to get on. 732-312-6878



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Parker Petes Sportfishing Belmar, NJ

Captain Pete Sykes is continuing his reign of terror on the NJ striped bass population. Running AM and PM trips catching fish live lining and trolling so get in while the bite is still on because when its over its over until next time folks!  To inquire about a charter or open boat call Pete at (732) 496-5028




Pura Vida Sportfishing  Cape May, NJ

Captain Phil reports more good tile fishing out in the canyons with golden tiles up to 30lbs and Tuna in range and starting this week! Seabass fishing is also still excellent with some serious knot heads up to 4lbs and easy limits. To inquire about open boats or charters Call Phil at 856-834-4170 or email captphil@pvfishingcharter.com


1426211593Badfish Charters Ocean City, NJ

Captain Brian Williams  “Finally with a break in the weather for the most part and stable conditions, the fishing improved big time. The flounder bite has been great with a lot of action and a mix of throwbacks and larger size flounder holding deep in the backbays gorging themselves on everything from calico crabs to white perch and spearing. Striped bass fishing has been good as well with a mix of resident and migratory fish up on the flats and nearby deep cuts willing to annihilate any topwater or subsurface offering pulled by them making for some awesome visual strikes. Water temps around 70-75 on the flats/ 65 ocean. To book a trip call/email Captain Brian 856-371-4346 or Bwilliams@ocnjfishing



Time Out Charters Absecon, Nj

Captain Scott Newhall  “The good news in the Atlantic City waters is that the fluke bite picked up near the week’s end.  It’s not what it has been in some other early June’s, but much- improved catches were definitely seen.  Anglers using Berkley Gulp! baits are scoring best on the incoming tide and around the slack high.  Falling water is fine unless the dreaded snot shows. Gulp swimming mullet, nemesis, and shrimp models are scoring big time in all the colors. Striped bass have made a decent showing along the beaches and Atlantic City jetty system. Call Absecon Bay Sportsman, Riptide Bait and Tackle and One Stop Bait and Tackle in the area for solid land-based information in real time.  Trollers continue to score rogue cows with Bluewater Candy Mojos and Tony Maja Bunker Spoons.  Anglers that can send out a spread including both cover it all.  And don’t forget the snag hooks for nervous bunker pods”  To book a charter or check availability with Captain Scott call 609-385-3729



NJ Local catches monster 21lb Tog

Joe Zagorski of Manasquan Park, NJ has put a lot of time and hard work into targeting blackfish this season and I would say it has paid off with interest. While fishing this spring April 27th with Captain Jerry Postorino on the “Fish Monger II” out of Point Pleasant, NJ Joe caught what most fisherman would consider the fish of a lifetime heaving a 21lb Tautog over the rail. IMG_2991.JPGThat isn’t even the half of it, Zagorsky has been on fire this year with an incredible 12 fish in the double digits under his belt. Check out these numbers 4@10lbs, 4@11lbs, 3@12lbs, 1@13.75lbs, 1@16.75, and now 1@21lbs I don’t know about all of you but to me those numbers are staggering. When I asked Joe if he could tell us a little about how it all went down this is what he had to say.

“Fished our first spot with just a little life. Captain Jerry made an adjustment still just a little life and Jerry says lines up we are moving on. Along the way he tells us “well boys if it’s gonna be picky today lets pick at the slobs.” He warns mates John and Mike along with the rest of us to check all of our knots, top shots, hooks, and drags, “we are going to where the big boys live.” Drops two anchors and quickly an 8 and 9lb fish along with a few others are landed, wind shifts again so its lines up and we make an adjustment to get back on the piece. I get 2 nice fresh clams and Captain says lines in again. Usually I let it sit for 30 seconds or so before I search the bottom I want to settle in on, well 15 seconds in it happens. Two small bounces on the rod tip and fortunately for me I had been fishing soft bait since April 1st. I knew immediately it was a classic soft bait big fish bite and I swung for the fences, fish on. The fish doubled over my rod the tip almost hit the gunwale, I kept hard pressure to keep it up off the wreck.

Captain Jerry (Left) and Joe with the 21lb Monster

Finally I got it to stop, got two wraps on the reel and she took off left. By this time the rod tip is in the water and she is peeling off line. Got her to stop again, one more wrap on the reel then she screams to the right peeling drag again. I finally get her up and down and straighten her out, one last dig for the bottom peeling drag then she finally gave up with no fight left. Easy reel to the top where John is waiting with the net, he gets her in with one fell swoop and the fish is in the boat. The biggest tog I have ever seen in person I could not believe my eyes, I am thinking 18-19lbs but Captain Jerry and John both say over twenty. We measure and weigh her and she bounced between 21 and 21.5lbs on two separate scales 29.5″ long with a 24.5″ girth. I’m a very lucky guy….lucky to be able to fish a lot, lucky to get that bite, lucky to land it. I am also very fortunate to have had Captain Jerry teaching me how to tog fish the past two seasons. I owe it all to him, so how appropriate I catch my personal best monster tog on his boat the Fish Monger II


For those of you that know and for those who have not yet figured it out, being truly good at tog fishing being a “sharpie” is not as easy as you think you have to put in your time. I have seen Joe fish as well as Captain Jerry and these guys are trying different things you are not even seeing, the are whole different plane that guys like me don’t even understand. Jedi? quite possibly, but I know one thing when it comes time start fishing for Tog again I will be putting time in with Jerry and Joe on the Fish Monger II .

Joes Setup:

  • Mike Garone custom rod United Composite CE700l blank
  • Diawa Saltiga 15 JDM model 5:1 Retrieve
  • Diawa 55lb metered J Braid
  • Trik Fish 60lb mono top shot
  • Owner 4/0 octopus hook
  • Two hook slider rig tied with Seaguar Blue Label 50lb Fluoro







Fishing Report: April 18-24

Sorry everyone I know I skipped the report last week but I was really busy with work and it was really just more of the same s@$%..good bass fishing in the Raritan. This week I was finally able to get some reports from the guys further south who finally got some decent conditions to fish in. I fished Raritan with my father Monday and we got shut out the fish just would not cooperate and by mid afternoon we stopped marking any life at all but it sounds like fishing has since picked back up again.

North Jersey:

Fisher Price IV Captain Derek Bielitz had this to say about fishing out of Atlantic Highlands this week. “Beginning of the week was tough for us. Mid week the bite picked up. We have been chunking and live lining and have had some great trips. Friday morning was the best trip of the year for us with over 40 big bass being landed up to 43 lbs. The past few trips have all seen our under limits being boxed with fish averaging 14 – 25 lbs and bigger ones in the 30 pound class being landed.” To get in on the action call Capt. Derek at 732-861-3394 or email him at captderek1@yahoo.com



fish stix banner

Captain Kris Black Fishstixnj.com has been doing great in the Raritan Bay as usual and is doing whatever he needs to do to get fish in the boat trolling, chunking, jigging, and live lining. It seems as though any given hour these fish are looking for something different and some trips have been better than others but they are consistently sending there charters home with easy limits. I have heard that bluefish are starting to show up as well so hopefully that won’t shut the bass bite down. Give Captain Kris a call or text 732-312-6878 to book a charter or get a spot on an open boat.


South Jersey

Captain Skip on the Stalker II Stalkerfishingcharters.net was finally able to get out and do some bass fishing on the Delaware Bay and this is what he had to say about it. “Overall Striper fishing has been very solid. Most customers are going home with at least one decent striper per trip. We’ve had stripers to near 30lbs on recent trips and I know of at least 5 fish taken this week over 40lbs. We still have some Open Boat slots for the remainder of the spring striper season. Just give me a call 609-972-5218”



PVfishingcharter.com Captain Phil Leo has had a pretty good week of blackfishing out of Cape May on the Pura Vida. Monday and Tuesday saw limits of quality fish with double digit fish of 15, 12.1, and 11.9lbs and fishing was a little slower the rest of week with smaller fish. Today was a slow day but a 13lb fish highlighted the day. To book a trip with Captain Phil or get a spot on an open boat call 609-400-1575.




In the backwaters of Ocean City Captain Brian Williams of Badfish Charters has gotten his season started and sent over this great report.

“Well this week started off for me by making my annual migration back up from a winter guiding in SW florida, trading the beginnings of the snook and tarpon bite, for the already in full-swing spring striped bass bite.

Plenty of Smaller males (20-30” range) to  be found earlier this week in some instances if you found the fish it was a nearly every cast affair. With the DOA 3” shad taking top honors as being the offering of choice for me and many others that these fish just couldn’t resist.   This bite slowly tapered down all week into this evening as I type this shortly after returning from a quick early evening trip with a few fish but not the same bite as earlier in the week.  This I can attribute as an annual occurrence as most of those fish from earlier in the week have quickly moved up our rivers now to spend the next few days meeting up with the female bass at a place called the sweetwater singles bar.  And pending on the water temps being just right and the salinity balance being to their liking we can hope for a successful spawn and many more striper for years to come.

After this full moon passes in just a few days its safe to assume things will break loose once again with not only the smaller male striper making moves out of the rivers but also expect a few more very large female fish to be landed as well.

It is also important to remind everyone to take extra care of these larger female fish when landing them, try to make it a point to make short order of how long they are out of the water for, take that quick photo and take you’re time reviving them as these bass are the future of our fishery and in the case of these large females, hold the genetics to reproduce many more striper capable of breaking that coveted 50lb mark.

I am now fishing every day so call or email to book and get in on this great spring fishery!”

To get in touch with Capt. Brian you can call 856-371-4346 or email bwilliams@ocnjfishing.com



Charter Review: Fish Monger Charters

Fish Monger Point Pleasant Charter Boat.jpg
Captain Jerry Postorino
Cell: 732-688-0765
Office: 732-403-6056

January 28th, 2016

I was dying to get out Tog fishing after winter storm Jonas and the boat I was originally supposed to fish on was iced in and had decided not to sail the next day. I started calling and texting anyone I could think of and there is not whole lot of boats still fishing at the end of January. Remembering a boat my friend had recommended to me I shot Captain Jerry of the Fish Monger II a quick text (love a captain who responds to texts) to see if he had a spot and I was in, 1 more left!

The Fish Monger II is a 46′ Downeast style boat with a massive beam, dual anchors, and tons of fishing space but charters are kept to a maximum of 10 for comfort (licensed for 37 passengers). There is plenty of room for everyone to relax on the ride out and at a cruise of just over 20 knots it shouldn’t take too long. The boat is conveniently slipped in a marina right next to Manasquan Inlet minutes from the ocean.

I was not expecting a whole lot out of this trip after the massive storm that brought 20-30ft waves, heavy winds, and a lot of snow, but I needed to get out fishing at least one more time before spring. Captain decided to take a little bit of a trip south and with no real wind or waves to speak of things were already looking up. These guys don’t mess around when it comes to bait either, a huge supply of white and green crabs of all sizes were on tap all day. We made our first drop and it was game on from the start. It wasn’t drop and reel fishing but the action was very steady all day, when the action slowed Captain Jerry moved on. Tog fishing as most of you know is a tough game and I am certainly not a veteran but I could tell that the experienced guys I was fishing with chose this boat for a reason…..the captain know his shit! We ended up that day making only 3 moves and catching our 10 man boat limit finishing the day releasing quite a few more keepers. I had my own personal best by far that day at probably around 8 lbs but the real story was the other 3 PB’s that day at 10,12, and 13 lbs! Most impressive to me however was watching Captain Jerry fish that day, he didn’t fish much but every once in awhile he would throw one over the rail. At one point we had all been shuffling around the boat everyone swearing a portion of the starboard side was devoid of life, I was serving my time there striking out when he pops in next to me and says something like “do you feel that ledge over there?, cast out and bring it back a little and you’ll feel it” uhhhhh yeah totally???? It’s like this guy can map out the bottom with his sinker I have never seen anything like it, I proceeded to watch him catch something like 3 keepers in a row. This entire time I am trying to mimic exactly what he’s doing and I am coming up completely empty handed, and Im always embarrassed to ask a lot of questions but I wish I had. The man is some kind of tog whisperer I am sure of it and I look forward to learning more from him next time. His mates name escapes me but he is also a great guy and is always on top of it changing out chafed leaders, bent hooks, and hand picking his favorite crabs for you. These guys also have their fillet at sea permit so by the time we got back to the dock the fish was cleaned and in ziplock bags. I almost forgot, the port engine snapped a belt on the ride in they grabbed a spare threw on the new one and we were back at it in less than 15 minutes!

The guys at Fish Monger Charters are a class act and I would highly recommend them to anyone I know. I hope to get out with them this summer and see what kind of fluking magic Captain Jerry has in store. I suggest you book your summer trips soon cause from I hear he books up fast!

The days haul.