Fishing Report: May 2-9

Weather has been pretty tough this week with a lot of heavy rain and what seemed like an entire week without seeing the sun but that didn’t stop a few guys from getting out there and putting together some good catches this past week. Hopefully with a better forecast this week fishing will get right back to normal and maybe Captain Phil will finally get that offshore window he has been looking for….maybe. I also have an exciting new addition the “Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association” which consists of over 10 boats will also be contributing there weekly report.

 North Jersey:

Fisher Price IV  Atlantic Highlands, NJ :

Captain Derek has had a nice week even with the weather “Fishing this week has been very good. We have been catching a lot of nice fish with most averaging 15-25lbs but have had a few in the 30lb class and even one tipping the scale to 43.6lbs. We have also been catching bluefish and some days have to weed through them to get to the bass. The blues have been ranging from 5-15lbs.” If you are interested in booking a charter or taking an open boat spot email or call 732-861-3394.




fish stix banner

FISH STIX  Laurence Harbor, NJ / Shark River Inlet, NJ:

I spoke with Captain Kris on Saturday and he told me that fishing this week was very good for those that were willing to tough it out in the wet and rainy conditions. He did mention that Saturday they got covered up with blues and struggled to shake them off. Fish Stix has openings Wednesday and Thursday so be sure to call or text Captain Kris to get on. 732-312-6878

Stalker Fishing Charters Cape May, NJ:

Captain Skip has moved his boat the Stalker II back to it usual home at in Cape May, Nj at Snug Harbor Marina. Although weather was obviously a factor the Stalker crew did not let that stop them and they had a good week of bass fishing with a lot of very quality fish being taken. There is still tons of great fishing to be had so give Skip a call to get a spot or charter. 609-972-5218




Pura Vida Sportfishing  Cape May, NJ

Captain Phil is a man of few words these days as he has not gotten to fish as much as he would have liked so far but hopefully that’s all about to change. I can tell you one thing he plans on Tilefishing this week and he will also be starting Drum fishing as well. Call Phil at 856-834-4170 or email



1426211593Badfish Charters Ocean City, NJ

Not the ideal week for Captain Brian but still had success. “Tough week the winds and rain kept me at the dock most days, and when I did sail the fishing was challenging with the water on the flats being as much as 7 degrees colder than the ocean temps due to the cooler weather.  The bass were chewing once you found them. But the highlight was the arrival of massive bluefish to some of the spots deep in the backwaters, boating bluefish to 35inches.    Things should shift for the better this week with the arrival of clear weather and lots of sunshine heating those flats back up to their desirable temperatures.” To book a trip call/email Captain Brian 856-371-4346 or Bwilliams@ocnjfishing




Time Out Charters Absecon, Nj

Captain Scott Newhall was nice enough to send us over this super informative report. “The Greater Atlantic City area has been invaded by bluefish ranging from 5 to 15 pounds.  Sloughs, cuts and channels have marauding bluefish.  Flats that are immediately adjacent to the trenches also have bluefish. Cut bunker, either fresh or a couple days old will get bluefish on the line instantly when placed on a rig from an anchored boat. Keep in mind, there are some striped bass also cruising these waters that will take fresh bunker, but most likely turn up that older menhaden that a blue has no problem eating.  That is the quickest and easiest way to get in on the action.   To make it more sporting, topwater plugs and fly fishers can cast to the flats and sods where the fish are most likely swimming. The Tsunami Talking Popper and Tsunami Bluewater Popper are good choices.  No matter what method for back bay bluefish, don’t forget to add wire leader ahead of the presentation.  Getting back to the striped bass action, most are on the small side with some keepers around for those jigging various Gulp! presentations near drop-offs, sods and rips.  KIMG0070Anglers anywhere between the major spring bass fisheries on the Raritan and Delaware still have a better chance at getting in on a striped bass of size if they fish in a migration route.  Both north and south of AC are the Mullica and Egg Harbor Rivers. They are small spawning routes, but there are always some cows in these stretches and leading out to the inlets they connect to for those who can’t get to those terrific fisheries on each end of the state.”  To book a charter or check availability with Captain Scott call 609-385-3729 image3

Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association:

As the summer fishing season draws near, the bay and ocean waters around Long Beach Island have been providing some outstanding action on huge bluefish, schoolie striped bass, and a decent amount of black drumfish.

The captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are geared up and ready to get in on some of this action. Actually, some of the captains have already been catching fish.

Captain Carl Sheppard reports the “Star Fish” is in the water and has already been fishing.  He is excited to have Marlyn Graham back again this year as his first mate. The last two weekends have been stormy ones, forcing Captain Carl to fish in the bay waters.

Captain Lindsay Fuller reports the “June Bug” is in Wanchese, North Carolina, getting the last touches down on its new teak decks.

Captain Ray Lopez is excited to have his new “Miss Liane” ready for the season. He is set to go on his new 28-foot Carolina Classic with twin diesels. With heat and air conditioning, its anglers will be comfortable in all weather conditions.

Captain George Finck reports that the “Sparetime” is in the water and ready to fish. He has some open dates for the striper action. Captain Dave Kreines expects to have his boat, “Byte Me” in the water by early May and ready for the start of fluke season.

Captain Gary Dugan has had anglers out on the “Irish Jig” in the area of Graveling Point at the mouth of the Mullica River. He reports sporadic luck with stripers to 28-inches and large bluefish. He made a trip to the wrecks where he had a nice catch of cod. His party also caught and released quite a few large black sea bass. All conditions are pointing to a decent fishing season.

Captain Lindsay Fuller opines that he has been tracking the dissolution of the latest El Nino and feels it closely matches the data for the downturn of the last major El Nino that started in 1982 and ended in 1983. He adds that 1983 was the year of the best fishing he has ever had.





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