Truth Reels: SS (Small Star) and SM (Star Mag)

On my recent trip to visit Paul at JPR Rods I had a chance to check out the Truth Reels SS (Small Star) and SM (Star Mag) reels. The two reels themselves are very similar but the SM model is designed for long distance surf casting while the SS is geared toward trolling and bottom fishing. My first impression of the was “Solid” every part of these reels has been manufactured in the U.S. and although the reels themselves are fairly light (16.8 OZ) they have a very heavy feel to them and I don’t believe there was a piece of plastic in sight. Every Truth Reel is backed by a lifetime warranty so that will tell you a

Small Star

little bit about the construction and confidence these guys have in it. Both Reels Feature a signature bridgeless design which allows them to be built with no crossbars, 24# max drag, 6:1 Gear Ratio, 38″ per crank, mechanical spool tensioner, and 40# braid capacity of 500 yards. The Star Mag reel has a few additional features; free floating spool, adjustable magnetic cast control,  counter balanced handle, and an upgraded Abec-7 spool bearing. Now I am no distance casting expert but a had a chance to check out the free spool and this thing will spin forever and with the fully adjustable spool you can get amazing control. I had a chance to

Star Mag with Magnetic Cast Control

see some real experts cast these reels and it is pretty incredible how well far these reels can be cast with the right hands. Truth Reels says that the SM can cast 600 feet and although its hard to understand how someone could cast two football fields in length I believe this reel could do it and there is in fact more than a few You Tube videos to prove it.  654 Ft. SM cast  Now these reels are not exactly priced low at $350 for the SS and $400 for the SM but you pay for quality and that’s exactly what you get with these reels, and with a lifetime warranty you’ll have it forever…..




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