Get Ready the Bass are Coming…


Winter is over it’s time to unwrap the boat and get the gear ready because the bass are starting to show. A winter that brought the 5th warmest average temperatures across the state of New Jersey has given the bass a reason to start early this year, and with temperatures in the low 70’s in the upcoming forecast things should only be further accelerated.

A few reports have already started to come in and I’m not talking about those nuclear power plant runoff rats.  A few 18″-20″ stripers have been caught in the Indian River Inlet in Delaware recently. STC Sports Center in Gibbstown, NJ had there first Delaware River caught keeper brought into the shop on 3/5 and a reports of small bass are popping up in the Raritan Bay and its Tributaries.

It’s only a matter of time before things start really picking up fast with the forecast only getting warmer things are shaping up for a nice spring and there is only 72 days until fluke opens so don’t get caught with your pants down!


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