Change For The Nj Delaware Bay Fluke Fishery



Fisherman in the Delaware Bay targeting fluke  in the past few years have struggled to put together a catch that makes it worthwhile to fish D-Bay. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission has instituted new change to the  regional management of summer flounder for 2016 that will hopefully help these fisherman. A 17″ 4 fish limit with 128 day season will be instituted for boats west of the COLREGS Demarcation line in the hopes of evening the playing field some. Delaware fluke regulations are currently 4 at 16″ with a season that is open year round and this  has caused a negative economic impact on the fishing and boating related businesses in the areas bordering the Delaware Bay. Many party and charter boats have seen customers from places like Pennsylvania take the trip to Delaware instead knowing they have a much better chance at putting a few fish on the table than those boats fishing out of New Jersey. Even Marinas are losing customers who are relocating they’re boats to different shore points  Hopefully this change can bring some relief but the Delaware Bay fluke fishery has not been very productive regardless of size people just are not catching fish period.

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