Overstock Bait and Tackle: A few hidden gems



Recently I came across this website www.overstockbait.com and of course I found a few things I just couldn’t pass up at the price. Honestly I found a lot of things I would like to buy but my wife has had enough of my “dead of winter buy fishing crap to stay sane routine”. There is a few popular names in the saltwater scene like Williamson and Storm with products being sold on this site and if you look hard enough there are some pretty good deals to be had, and here are a couple that I saw.


Bomber Parachute Jig: $4.29

I found this 8oz saltwater grade jig that hopefully (we’ll see what it looks like when it arrives) with a pair of these and a 3-way swivel should make a great  $10 MOJO rig. On the website it says the retail price for these is $8.99 but the best I found was $13.25 on eBay.


Williamson Banjo Eye Jig: $1.99

Spro and other named brand jigs including this one usually sell for $4 or more in stores and they do not include a sweet curly tail grub (if it were GULP! this thing would probably sell for $10) like this one does. In 2 and 4oz sizes I think these jigs will work great for inshore fluke and casting for striper. These go for $8.29 on bassproshops.com and I will report back if any of these products are not as advertised.









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